ISES Accelerate: Key trends within live events

At the ISES Accelerate conference today (15 May), Colja Dams, president of event marketing agency Vok Dams, discussed the major trends in live events.

Colja Dams discussed key trends in live events at ISES Accelerate
Colja Dams discussed key trends in live events at ISES Accelerate

Speaking at ISES Accelerate at the Emirates Stadium in London, Dams explained that hybrid events are the way of the future – they encompass both live marketing and 'MoSoLo', a term used to describe mobile applications, social media and location-based services.

"We believe that live campaigns will be the future of events," said Dams. He added they involve "channel and content at the same time."

According to Dams an event must tick four important boxes – it needs to be relevant, valuable, authentic and evoke some sort of emotion.

"If you do not create this value no one is going to come to your events," he said. 

The Vok Dams team travel the world in search of the latest social, behavioural and technological trends.

Recent trends the agency has identified include 'egolution' which, much more than the selfie, enables people to measure what they are doing. 

Social wedia is another trend Vok Dams' team of experts have identified. Using The Holi Festival of Colour as an example, Dams said: "No matter how digital we become, people have an urge to come together," he said. 

There is WOM 2000 3D, where people’s opinions online can influence the decision-making process of others, and co-creation, which Dams described as the process of "bringing things together to create something new."

There is also storytelling, where people are interested in the stories behind brands, companies and events.  

On the future of exhibitions, Dams said: "Exhibitions will always be there… but I believe their budgets are shifting.

"You have to use them as an integrated part of your strategy. Exhibitions will definitely have a presence in the future however there will be a shift in how we approach them."

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