Hey coffee-eyes, stop flicking the channels, stub out your 15th fag and log onto Insomniazine.

Hey coffee-eyes, stop flicking the channels, stub out your 15th fag

and log onto Insomniazine.

Insomniazine - strapline ’wired in London’- provides cool London

listings and an exhaustive supply of musings on popular culture.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this site - it’s tough to

identify its USP - but it provides an alternative to or

Fans of Time Out could argue Insomniazine’s listings are not as

comprehensive as those of its established rival. However, the newcomer

has a slightly edgier, more underground feel and its editorial team has

worked hard to seek out alternatives to the mainstream galleries,

cinemas and clubs.

What’s On, the most expansive of the site’s areas, includes detailed

monthly listings of gigs, club nights, festivals, arts events,

exhibitions, films and so on. It also features reviews and interviews

with obscure poets and DJs.

The directory is packed with useful listings. It includes bars, cafes,

cheap eateries, cinemas, comedy venues, bookshops, boutiques,

cybercaffs, hairdressers, hotels, markets, record stores and more.

For those of you who have to e-mail your friends every time you catch a

glimpse of ’that cute bloke off of This Life’ (he’s in The Sun and 13

Cantons whenever I am), there’s a Celebrity Spotting section where you

can file your latest sightings.

Apparently - hold onto your titfers - ’that Trigger off of Only Fools

and Horses’ was recently spotted in the Seven Dials.

Editor Jo Asker ran the site without any source of income for the first

year but has introduced a shopping area in affiliation with various

e-commerce sites and has started to sell banner ads.

For an editor, Asker’s not doing badly at this sales game. She sold a

big campaign to the ill-fated and has done deals with QXL,, BOL and WideEyes. Insomnia already generates

about 100,000 page impression a month - and I doubt it’s helping those

folk with their sleep problem.