Issey Miyake makes music from bags

Guests can interact with items to create bespoke song.

Issey Miyake: Bao Bao bags fitted with sensors
Issey Miyake: Bao Bao bags fitted with sensors

Issey Miyake is inviting guests to interact with its range of Bao Bao bags to create a unique piece of music at a pop-up in London.

Bao Bao bags are formed of flat triangular pieces that are arranged to create a three-dimensional structure. The line was launched in 2000 and became its own brand in 2010.

At the activation, open for seven days from today (Tuesday), visitors are invited to touch the bags to feel their structure, move them to hear the sounds they make and play with them to create a piece of music. Screens will also be showing imagery to enhance the experience.  

The bags used at the installation are rigged with sensors, allowing sounds to be produced when they are moved in specific ways. Each bag makes a different sound relating to its colour and movements made. When several of them are operated concurrently, the sounds blend together to produce a composition.

Visitors to the experience, taking place at Protein Studios, can also look through the Bao Bao archive and visit a shop area to purchase the new collection.