ITC upholds viewer complaints about 3 video quality in ad

The Independent Television Commission has upheld complaints about TBWA\London's "football" spot for Hutchison 3 following viewer complaints that the video sequences in the ad were of a higher quality than the service was able to achieve.

Five viewers contacted the ITC to complain that their experience of using the service did not match that shown in the ad.

Hutchison defended the ad claiming that a camera shot of the working handset would not give an accurate impression of the picture quality because the resolution would be lost in transfer. It therefore used a dummy shot in the advertising.

The company also claimed that external factors such as the lighting, movement of the handset and of the person on the screen would also have an impact.

After testing the handsets in an environment similar to the one shown in the ad, the ITC found that the quality and definition of the video calling and video messaging was not the same as on the ad.

The complaints were therefore upheld and TBWA's spot was banned from future transmission in its current form.