Arif Durrani, head of media at Campaign / editor of Media Week
Arif Durrani, head of media at Campaign / editor of Media Week
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It's not just media owners that believe the future is all about partnerships

Following a week in which Tony Blair was forced to deny having an affair with Rupert Murdoch's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Wendi Deng, unlikely bedfellows are all the rage in media land.

Sky News’ decision to partner with Yahoo! to extend the reach of its morning show, Sunrise, is typical of the prevailing winds. The deal announced last week will also lead to three original co-commissioned series covering politics, technology and business, and a window to the Sky News live feed during breaking news events.

Jean-Christophe Conti, the vice-president and head of partnerships, EMEA, at Yahoo!, explained: "In an intricate ecosystem, Yahoo! works with partners to create mutual success."

'Clients are increasingly viewing themselves as media owners recognising the value of their assets'

For those wondering what Sky News – which already reaches more than 100 million homes in 117 countries – can gain from such a deal, Yahoo! says it can add a further 6.5 million online users in the UK alone. It comes less than two years after Yahoo! formed a similar alliance with ABC News in the US to create one of the biggest news providers in the world – it had more than 60 million unique visitors last year, according to Nielsen data.

There have been numerous new alliances announced in Cannes this week too. Clients are increasingly viewing themselves as media owners, recognising the value of their own assets, while the media sector is forming mutually beneficial deals that go beyond monetary value.

Indeed, this year’s Cannes Media Person of the Year, Salar Kamangar, the chief executive of YouTube, is basing much of his focus on developing partnerships with traditional content creators.

We’re entering an era of "super-connected partnerships", Steve Gladdis, a managing partner at MediaCom, says. He brings the unique perspective of someone who has overseen the agency’s awards entries in recent years and admits to being struck by the changes in the business. From global news providers to content marketing as entertainment, the new world order is all about collaboration.