It's unbelievable, Jeff

Diary isn't sure that it's always wise to parody a parody, but we enjoyed Sky's Soccer AM spoof of VCCP's Coors Light ad, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Chris Kamara, Sky Sports' resident joker, chose to imitate Van Damme in a scene (available on YouTube) that sees him sporting "Jeff Stelling underpants" beneath tight denims that put "The Muscles from Brussels" to shame. "Kammy" even manages to finish the gag with a Coors reference, clutching a CD and claiming: "This is the closest I've ever been to the cool, refreshing sound of The Corrs." Diary reckons that Kammy never dreamed he'd ever be doing this sort of routine when turning out for Swindon Town and Stoke City in the 80s.