ITV platform to offer cheaper interactive

ITV is launching an interactive one-stop shop for advertisers in a move that the broadcaster claims will undercut BSkyB's prices by up to 40 per cent.

Sky currently charges £25,000 per megabyte for transmission and use of the bandwidth needed to broadcast an interactive ad.

ITV is promising advertisers a 40 per cent reduction on Sky's rate.

The new platform will allow advertisers the facility to run interactive campaigns simultaneously across digital satellite and terrestrial television as well as mobile and online.

Previously, advertisers have used a range of suppliers for interactive campaigns.

ITV is also offering the platform to other broadcasters.

Gary Digby, the managing director of ITV Sales, said: "One of our core aims is to help grow the UK's advertising market and it's great news that the one-stop shop approach can benefit the industry as a whole."

The news comes just four months after the collapse of Zip TV, the interactive TV consortium set up to offer an alternative to Sky's interactive TV platform.

The company went into receivership after ITV pulled out.