ITV to produce 'fame ratings' for brands

ITV is to publish research outlining how brands have built fame through TV, in the hope of identifying a clear link with business success.

The 'fame ratings' findings are to be revealed in May. They were compiled using research methods pioneered by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and are the next step in ITV's Values of Fame marketing strategy, which it established last year to target the advertising community.

Justin Sampson, director of customer relationship marketing at ITV Sales, said the research would provide additional information to advertisers as well as offering practical insights to boost the effectiveness of campaigns.

'We want to provide evidence into what the nature of fame is. But we also need to make concrete correlations between fame ratings and hard business key performance indicators, such as market share,' added Sampson.

The research, conducted by NOP World, will question more than 3000 adults about 130 brands across 16 sectors. These will include Tesco, Orange, Coca-Cola and BT. It will also pit brands against one another, such as Guinness and Stella Artois, to discover which is more famous.

BBH chief executive Nigel Bogle said the data would help advertisers understand the dynamics that drive fame. 'The ratings will clearly demonstrate the link between fame and business success.'

The research will also examine the celebrity brand. 'We will reveal whether Victoria Beckham has achieved her ambition to become more famous than Persil,' said Sampson.