iTV Report: The making of Land Rover Freelander

The key to the Freelander interactive TV ad was a compelling challenge to the viewer to "press red". Jon Williams, the Wunderman Interactive creative director, reveals how it was achieved.

Day one

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 15. Alcohol: Puligny-Montrachet. Calories: 2,789. We knew it was coming. Naveen Dayal, the national ad manager at Land Rover UK, is one of an increasing number of marketers who understand the value of interactive TV. Like all the best campaigns, this one involved working closely with the other agencies to deliver a seamless piece of communication. When Marcus Quigley brought the Freelander storyboard back from a meeting with Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R it was great but no surprise, as we were in contact during its gestation. We'd had a head start in terms of coming up with ideas, which we knew we would need due to the tight turnaround.

Day two

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 18. Alcohol: Meursault. Calories: 2,999. Richard Last, the associate creative director, Iain Harrison, the copywriter, and Mark Sng, the strategic planner, had been developing a way to exemplify the proposition using a simple but entertaining idea. While the film showed a Freelander driver being asked to deal with an escaped tiger in an underground car park, leaving the viewer with the thought "It's a lot to live up to", the team had to extend that to deliver three to four minutes of engagement, while also showing the car's features and benefits in a way that can not be delivered in a 30- second TV ad.

Day three

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 22. Alcohol: Domaine D'Ott. Calories: 3,289. The team had wisely decided not to go the easy route of "out- takes" or "the making of" and to tie a rich informational resource into the proposition in a way that would reward the viewer for pressing red. But before we got there, we had to consider how we would direct traffic to the dedicated advertising location. In the same way the subject line of an e-mail is the most important piece of copy, the trigger to press red is the sine qua non of a DAL. The team delivered "Press red to live up to the challenge", a strong and provocative call to action. It must have been - it produced 224,000 interactions from only 100 airings.

Day four

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 27. Alcohol: Chilean Merlot. Calories: 3,564. The creative pay-off to the challenge in the trigger was well underway. Inspiration came from in-flight emergency information booklets. In one section of the DAL entitled "How to escape a ferocious tiger", different methods were explored: using the halogen headlamps to dazzle it; using the superior wading depth to get away. As an extra reward for those who entered the DAL, we offered the opportunity to really challenge themselves and live the brand with an off-road experience day in exchange for data. The incentive was used at this point to increase qualified leads; if we'd put it in the trigger, traffic would have arguably increased, but the respondents would have been more interested in the off-road day, not the Freelander. It's a mistake we've all seen made.

Day five

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 34. Alcohol: Bulgarian Sauvignon. Calories: 3,745. While Alex Black was posting the scamps on an ftp site for approval from the client, who was shooting the film in South Africa, David Douthwaite and James Manning were refining the design. At the same time, Last was chopping the sound bed. We needed to get it laid down before the film went into post-production, so, using direction from the above-the-line team, we mixed police, news crews, and general city ambience to create a synergistic experience for the viewer. DALs often seem to have lift music for an accompaniment - unacceptable for a premium brand.

Day six

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 37. Alcohol: Thunderbird Red Label. Calories: 4,032. Nearly there. The DAL is signed off and has a green light from all parties. So. It's over to Noreen at Sky to weave it into an SSSL-compliant, living, breathing entity.

Day ten

Weight: 15-ish stone. Cigarettes: 46. Alcohol: Frankly, anything you've got. Calories: 4,999. Go live. Sky has delivered again, flawlessly, and the DAL is bang on schedule. Tracking revealed 7.5 per cent of all DAL interactors requested more information or a test drive. The key learning to take would be there are three things you have to consider to deliver a great experience for brand and consumer: integration, integration and integration.

PS. All references to imbibing alcohol during working hours are fictitious and should be viewed as a shameless steal from a more famous diary.