ITV sales could find new way to trade in ban on share deals

Martin Bowley, the chief executive of Carlton Sales, has dismissed fears that the Competition Commission's proposal to ban agency share deals will wreak havoc on the TV trading system.

Agencies have warned that a ban on share deals would be virtually impossible to implement. The Competition Commission is considering prohibiting these deals as a way of addressing concerns over a merged ITV.

Bowley said: "I don't believe that the removal of share deals would lead to chaos in the marketplace. I'm sure a new dealing model would arise."

Although Bowley and Carlton have a vested interest, Paul Curtis, the managing director of Viacom Brand Solutions, echoed this view. "There are more advantages for those outside of ITV if share deals were banned," he said.

Currently, the majority of TV deals - with the exception of those from some agencies including Walker Media and Starcom Motive - are negotiated based on a guaranteed share of the agency's total end-of-year TV spend.