ITV slams Government decision to block product placement

LONDON - ITV is considering launching a judicial review in a bid to overturn today's decision by the Government to block product placement in UK originated programmes.

Grade... judicial review
Grade... judicial review

The broadcaster, which last week announced 600 job cuts as its struggles to replace declining advertising revenue, said that the decision is "perverse but not surprising given the Secretary of State's hostility to the idea".

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham said that the Government would review the decision to block product placement in 2011 or  2012.

However, ITV executive chairman Michael Grade said that the broadcaster would try to fight the decision.

"We are considering our next steps and I am consulting my legal team as to whether we have a strong case for judicial review," said Grade.

The Government had been consulting on the issue following an EU Directive which made provision for individual governments to lift restrictions blocking product placement, which will continue to be allowed in imported programming.