launches 'stressful game show' online

LONDON - has launched an online version of its new television game show 'The Colour of Money', which is billed as the most stressful on TV.

The game, produced by ITV Studios' Digital Productions unit with developer Matmi, goes live today and follows the format of the programme which starts on Saturday February 21, complete with narration by host Chris Tarrant.

Although players can not win a cash prize with the online version, it allows players to experience the tension that contestants feel when they play the game for big sums in the studio.

Like the show, the game features multi-coloured cash machines pre-programmed to issue a set amount of money, with no two machines containing the same amount of cash. As each second ticks by, the figure displayed increases by £1000.

The longer the player holds their nerve, the greater the amount they can "win", but should they get too greedy and the machine is locked down the player gets nothing.

Each player has ten chances to withdraw enough money to take them to their target, with careless play resulting in players walking away empty handed.

The online also features Chris' sidekick Millie Clode who helps the contestants with facts and figures.

Patricia Wagstaff, director of ITV Digital Productions, said: "We were asked to create a game that was as nerve jangling and compelling as the TV show. We are delighted with the game and feel it really captures the atmosphere and tension experienced by the contestants playing for big money."