Jagermeister provides entertainers for online parties

Free sessions can be booked with mixologists, musicians and magicians.

Jägermeister: brand will pay fee to 'meisters'
Jägermeister: brand will pay fee to 'meisters'

Jägermeister is connecting consumers to entertainers who will perform live for virtual parties.

The German liqueur brand will pay each "meister" a fee for every booking, so consumers can support the creators simply by tuning in.

The free-to-book sessions, which last 20-30 minutes, will be hosted on a video-conferencing platform of the viewer's choice. Entertainers can be filtered by country and skillset, with sessions available including a live DJ set, a music quiz, DIY cocktail making and live graffiti.

A number of top-secret "mystery meisters" will also appear on the site over the next few weeks for "one-of-a-kind" drop-ins.

Kinc PR is working alongside Engine to deliver the project.