Jaguar mastermind Tom Hiddleston unleashes XE, while feeding Ben Kingsley to big cat

"It's time for a change. A new plan needs a new boss," says a villain played by English star Tom Hiddleston while feeding a bowtie to a black jaguar, in an ad to promote the British car brand.

The ad is the latest in Jaguar’s ‘Good to be Bad’ campaign, which has in the past starred bowtie-wearing Ben Kingsley as an evil mastermind.

In this latest 60-second spot an evil genius (played with relish by Hiddleston) feeds what is apparently the last morsel of Kingsley to his feline sidekick, while pontificating about how he is fulfilling the role of a much-needed new boss.

The James Bond-esque ad also features a Q-like boffin played by fellow Brit Nicholas Hoult.

"It’s time for something more surprising, more British, more Jaguar," says Hiddleston. "Unleash the cat."

The ad is directed by Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper. It features sumptuous shots of the new Jaguar XE driving around the streets of London.

It ends with Hiddleston delivering the famous line, "Oh yes. It is good to be bad", even if it is not entirely clear what evil scheme Hiddleston is hatching, beyond getting a fleet of Jags on the road.

Client: Ian Armstrong, global head of advertising, Jaguar

Brand: Jaguar XE

Agency: Spark44

Creatives: Werner Krainz, John Sutcliffe, Martin Cox