Jaguar sees success with #FeelWimbledon campaign

British car manufacturer Jaguar achieved an 11-12% increase in engagement across all of its social channels with its #FeelWimbledon campaign.

Schwab said Wimbledon was a perfect fit for the Jaguar brand
Schwab said Wimbledon was a perfect fit for the Jaguar brand

The brand used cutting edge technology to capture and visualise the emotions and excitement of the Championships by monitoring fans heart rate and movement through the use of biometric wristbands.

Partnering with Wimbledon for the first time, Jaguar’s programme of activity also included the use of 180 of its vehicles around Wimbledon, including its newly launched XE model. Jaguar also benefited from on-court branding, and carried out a ‘secret chauffeur’ stunt, involving US tennis start and commentator John McEnroe.   

Event spoke to Laura Schwab, marketing director for Jaguar and Landrover UK about the partnership.

How did the activation manifest itself?

We wanted to do something a little bit different. We wanted fans, who attend the match and who watch on television, to be offered something that was tangibly different. There is a real emotion attached to those few weeks – everybody is talking about it - so that was the original premise and idea behind the #FeelWimbledon campaign.

So how did it work?

Every day we had 20 fans wearing wristbands which measured their heart rate and movement. We then pulled that data together to create a visual of those emotions, which we then shared across our social channels. 

What are the benefits to Jaguar of this kind of campaign?

From a social standpoint the campaign really gathered momentum across the two weeks. We saw an 11-12% increase in engagement across our social media channels, with the majority of the activity focused around Twitter. The stunt with John McEnroe also saw lots of engagement. From a brand standpoint, lots of people were talking about the campaign.

Any other comments?

Wimbledon was a perfect fit for us as it brought together two iconic British brands with a global presence, and with very similar values.

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