Jamster seeks shop for brand campaign

Jamster, the mobile ringtone company that used the Crazy Frog in its advertising, is talking to agencies about a brand-building brief.

It has contacted a number of agencies with a brief to create a campaign to give the company stand-out from other businesses in the ringtone sector.

The aim is to change the perception of the brand from being simply the ringtone provider that is associated with "Crazy Frog" into a full-service provider of mobile content, including directories, video clips and games.

A spokesperson for Jamster said: "We have never seen ourselves as cemented in the ringtones sector and are constantly looking to extend our business. A brand-building campaign will help do this."

In 2005, Jamster, a Germany-based company that is called Jamba on the continent, created the Crazy Frog ringtone. The ringtone proved to be so popular that the company turned it into an ad campaign and created a number-one song.

In the same year, Jamster increased its UK adspend by 206 per cent to £46 million.