Jane Fuller shuts her production company

Jane Fuller is closing her production company, JFA, at the end of the year to focus on The Entertainment Factor, the content-creation company she launched with Robin Azis in 2002.

The closure marks the end of a tough year for the production industry.

In September, Harry Nash closed due to economic pressures, while Joy Films merged into RSA in October. James Garrett & Partners, too, closed its doors after 40 years, in September.

Fuller admitted that the production business is under pressure. "It's incredibly tough for production companies as you get squeezed by clients and directors. Fundamental change has got to happen."

She added: "With the increasing proliferation of media, clients aren't hitting the spot with commercials. TiVo, personal video recorders and Sky Plus cut out ads and this will affect the business enormously. Global clients are aware of this and realise they need to do something about it."

Fuller ran JFA for 11 years. Its glory days spanned the mid- to late-90s, when Fuller worked with Trevor Robinson before he launched his own creative agency, Quiet Storm.