Japan: Around the world, creative style

Takuma Takasaki, executive creative director, Dentsu talks to Campaign about creativity in the Belgium and shows us an image that illustrates the country's creativity at its best.

Japan has become a developed country that is facing new issues. The structure of society is changing significantly due to the declining birth rate and growing proportion of elderly people.

Information systems have matured and the resultant overflow of information has made it difficult for people to encounter the information they really need. What has been happening in Japan over the past few years will, in due course, happen in the rest of the world. I believe that Japan will become a very useful example. 

In today’s Japan, we no longer feel that there is any value in things that can be mass-produced or that are easy to consume. Thick fashion magazines that cannot be read in one sitting are selling well, and television dramas that broke the mould are the ones that are being watched. I feel that what has value today is powerful individuality. Things that do not strongly reflect the mind of an individual or things that do not have something that cannot be seen anywhere else will not be able to cross media barriers and be discovered by people. Amid the changes in media, the era when something enjoyed popularity just because it was unusual is over. Individuality that is so strong that it cannot be ignored will be the keyword from now on.