JCDecaux develops vinyl-wrapped bus sites for Hulk movie

JCDecaux has devised a multi-format outdoor campaign for the release of the film, The Hulk, based around the idea of the Hulk breaking out of poster sites.

Through its Innovate special-projects division, JCDecaux has created "Hulk zones" at selected bus shelters and built special "Hulk impact" 96-sheets.

The single and double bus shelters are fully wrapped with a vinyl image of the Hulk exploding through the glass. On the six-sheets at either end of the shelters, a lenticular morphs between the Hulk and his alter ego Bruce Banner.

The 96-sheets aim to show the Hulk bursting out of the poster and into the skyline, towering over the traffic.

Steve Hunt, the media manager at UIP, the distributor of The Hulk, said: "Being able to use six-sheet lenticulars to illustrate the transition from man to monster means it is never going to be just a normal campaign."

Mediaedge:cia booked the outdoor campaign through Portland Outdoor and with creative by UIP.