Jean Claude Van Damme's most epic ads

Campaign takes a look at the actor Jean Claude Van Damme's greatest ads.

Jean Claude Van Damme: stars in 'the baker' for GoDaddy
Jean Claude Van Damme: stars in 'the baker' for GoDaddy

Action film stars who made their name in the 1980s have no trouble finding roles these days, as long as they are willing to play to their ironic appeal.

None have done this better in commercials than Jean Claude Van Damme, who has swapped earnestly taking out legions of villains in movies for flexing his muscles (from Brussels) with knowing grin.

Campaign takes a look at some of the actor’s finest work for brands.

GoDaddy "the baker"

Agency | Deutsch New York

Copywriter | James Cowie

Art director | Richard Kolopeaua

Director | Steve Miller

Production company | Radical Media

Sony Pictures "DVD amnesty"

Agency: Iris Sydney

Copywriters | Jasun Vare/Tom Hoskins

Art director | Tom Hoskins

Virgin Mobile (France)

Advertising Agency | Hémisphère Droit

Art director | Etienne Batard

Copywriter | Christophe Lafont

Production Company | Quad Productions

Directors | Éric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache

Volvo Trucks "the epic split"

Agency | Forsman & Bodenfors

Copywriters | Bjorn Engstrom and Martin Ringqvist

Art directors | Anders Eklind and Sophia Lindholm

Director | Andreas Nilsson

Production company | Folke Film

Coors Light "frozen"

Agency | VCCP

Copywriter | Charlie Hurst

Art director | Eddie Fisher

Director | Simon Cole

Production company | HSI