Jeremy Lee: Kudos, chaps, for taking turkey off the menu at DLKW Lowe
A view from Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee: Kudos, chaps, for taking turkey off the menu at DLKW Lowe

After being ceremonially doused in urine by the discerning crowd at the V Festival recently, it would be perfectly understandable if the X Factor runner-up Cher Lloyd feels somewhat trepidatious about getting on stage again.

For some of those Essex festival "revellers", the opportunity to express their views on the degree of her talent proved too great - as for the freshly urine-scented Lloyd, she fled the stage in tears. While the event did not form part of the TV coverage, social media went into overdrive, accompanied by the expected "LOL" and "LMFAO" acronyms.

While it was difficult not to feel a little bit sorry for Lloyd and her baptism in human excreta (we presume to be her first), those of us who have experienced the sophistication of the Chelmsford V Festival mass and been subject to collateral damage from similar events may have also found it quite funny. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I was one of these.

Here at Campaign, we too pour a bucket of excrement - albeit proverbial - over a piece of creative work, and on a weekly basis. While the impact of this is not quite the same that Lloyd would have suffered - and the respective creative talents of those involved may not be at all comparable - it's important to remember the effect that this may have.

To use that hackneyed WB Yeats line beloved of dreamers and sixth-form poets: "I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

In reality, an angry e-mail (or one that is worded more in disappointment than anger) or phone call is probably the worst that we can expect. But, nonetheless, picking a Turkey is not a task taken lightly.

And then there are some Turkeys - this week's, for example - you get the sense the agency would try anything to keep out of the spotlight at any cost. Run-of-the-mill FMCG brands are, on the whole, notably absent from the Work section of our website. There have even been instances of agencies denying ownership of certain ads for their clients, such is their shame.

DLKW Lowe was one of those agencies that seemed to provide us with a reliable conveyor belt of Turkeys, a rival almost to Great Witchingham Hall. Until now.

There have been few recent instances of the arrival of a new executive creative team providing such an instant and tangible reinvigoration to an agency's creative output. Making a great ad out of something as seemingly creatively unpromising as, on the back of their sublime spot for Halfords, shows that their ambition goes beyond just the accounts where a creative win is easy.

For that, Richard Denney and Dave Henderson deserve to be showered with nothing but praise.