Jérome Lemaire

Marketing director UK

Reckitt Benckiser

Lemaire has been at the helm of Reckitt Benckiser’s UK marketing for a little over two years. He had a good start to 2014 when the group attributed sales of more than £10bn last year to a £100m boost to its marketing spend, with activity focused less on promotions and discounts and more on product innovation. As a vocal advocate of digital, this summer, Lemaire saw RB sign a nine-figure deal with Facebook to strengthen the bonds between the company’s brands and social-media users, and to identify marketing talent. Over the same period, RB also announced it was hiving off its pharmaceutical division so it could focus its efforts on consumer power brands, with marketing no longer to be handled on a country basis but across large geographical regions. As overseer of the FMCG group’s power brands in the UK, just how Lemaire fits in to that structure is unclear.