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Job description: Campaign manager

Campaign managers devise and run marketing campaigns for products, services or events that target consumers or other businesses. Usually working under a head of marketing but managing a marketing team, campaign managers oversee campaigns in a variety of formats.

Job description: Campaign manager

These can be digital, direct mail, TV and broadcast, print or telesales. Campaign managers work with external agencies to execute campaigns and measure and report on their effectiveness. They usually work for private sector businesses but can be employed by any organisation that makes sales.

The day-to-day

Typically a campaign manager will:

  • Devise B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) integrated marketing campaigns with the aim of acquiring and retaining customers
  • Manage the implementation, tracking and measurement of marketing campaigns
  • Brief and oversee the work of internal and external agencies, such as designers, animators and printers, who will deliver much of the campaign activity
  • Work within a budget and report any overspend
  • Write, edit and proofread copy for promotional materials within marketing campaigns
  • Ensure that the organisation’s brand and identity is adhered to in campaigns and in all communication channels
  • Deliver regular reports of campaign results, including web analysis and evaluation of KPIs
  • Maintain regular measurement of the ROI of campaigns
  • Ensure accuracy of marketing materials and provide formal sign off if necessary
  • Collect and use data to inform new campaigns and the evaluation of existing campaigns
  • Take responsibility for the organisation of any trade shows or exhibitions
  • Administer the website(s)
  • Keep abreast of current trends in marketing

Key skills

  • Management skills: As a campaign manager you will devise marketing plans but your team or external agencies will deliver them. Therefore, campaign managers need to guide their team and establish parameters but also delegate rather than micro-manage.
  • Communication skills: Excellent writing skills are a pre-requisite as you will frequently have to write copy for marketing promotions. But campaign managers also need pristine speaking skills. They have to manage relationships with agencies and third parties as well as persuade a non-marketing audience, such as senior level managers within the organisation, of the wisdom of proposed campaigns.
  • Project management skills: As a campaign manager you will have to work with a budget, meet deadlines for multiple projects and ensure ROI on marketing campaigns. You will need to manage the organisation’s output effectively and intervene if things are going off-track.
  • Numerical skills: A challenging combination, perhaps, but campaign managers need to be good with words and numbers. You will need to acquire data and use it to target selected groups, as well as analyse the success or otherwise of campaigns.


A first degree is usually deemed essential. A professional marketing qualification, such as the Diploma in Professional Marketing or the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, can be helpful.

Relevant experience

Demands are mixed. Occasionally, employers are looking to attract recent graduates but more commonly between two and five years’ experience in marketing, specifically in developing marketing campaigns, is sought.



£20,000-£50,000 per annum, depending on experience.


Typical Working Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm


Standard office hours of 9:30am-5.30pm. However, you are also likely to attend events or exhibitions outside of office hours from time to time. A willingness to travel is commonly desired for this role.

Career opportunities

Your next steps include:

  • Senior marketing manager
  • Marketing director
  • Head of sales

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