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Job description: Marketing assistant

Marketing assistants help to implement an organisation's marketing strategy. Supporting the marketing manager, marketing assistants draft press releases, update the website(s) and social media pages, plan events and provide administrative support.

Job description: Marketing assistant

They also help produce and distribute marketing materials and analyse the impact of marketing campaigns. An entry-level role, marketing assistants are found in many different sectors of the economy, from retailers, audit firms and banks to public sector bodies and charities.

The day-to-day

Typically a marketing assistant will:

  • Assist the marketing manager and marketing team
  • Assist with the production of marketing materials and literature, such as web content, brochures and press releases
  • Assist with the collation of information for promotional literature
  • Help organise events, exhibitions and seminars, making bookings and overseeing the guest list
  • Write and proofread copy
  • Upload material to the website(s), social media pages, online libraries and marketing department databases
  • Help design and place advertisements
  • Evaluate marketing campaigns using tracking and analytical software and assess the results
  • Liaise with graphic and website designers
  • Be the main point of contact for external designers and printers
  • Help with presentations by assembling videos, slideshows and analyses of competitors
  • Visit clients and attend trade shows and exhibitions
  • Encourage other departments in the organisation to take part in promotional activity

Key skills

  • Great interpersonal skills: Marketing assistants need to build relationships with a wide variety of people. A personable manner, a proclivity for team-working and adaptability are all important
  • Excellent written and oral skills: Marketing assistants will be called upon to write online or hard copy content for campaigns, so you will need strong copywriting skills. You will also have to regularly deal with clients and suppliers, face to face or on the phone
  • IT skills: You will need proficiency in MS Office packages and often Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop
  • Organisational skills: Marketing assistants have to work on multiple projects, meet deadlines and maintain a high level of accuracy


No consistent requirements. Some jobs ask for A’ Levels and five GSCEs. Others seek a degree, preferably in marketing or business. Qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) , such as the Foundation Certificate in Marketing or the Certificate in Professional Marketing, are advantageous as competition in this sector is fierce.

Relevant experience

Marketing assistant is an entry-level role but employers invariably desire some experience of working in an office. Some jobs ask for one or two years’ experience in marketing.



£19,000-£25,000 per annum.


Typical Working Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm


Standard office hours of 9:30am-5.30pm but marketing assistants are expected to put in longer hours in the run-up to a campaign launch and also attend events, such as seminars or working breakfasts, which they themselves have organised.

Career opportunities

Your next steps include:

  • Marketing executive
  • Junior digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Marketing officer
  • Marketing manager

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A marketing assistant’s perspective

"Working as a marketing assistant at Deloitte is a dynamic and rewarding job. Your role varies from day-to-day: from delivering flagship campaigns on the latest piece of thought leadership to managing events for senior partners. It’s all about taking Deloitte’s services and expertise to market.

"I've had the opportunity to work across a broad range of industries, from technology, media and telecoms to financial services. My role allows me to input into the firm's broader marketing strategy and to work with, and learn from, colleagues in all areas of the business."

- Emily Collins, marketing assistant at Deloitte