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Job description: Marketing manager

Have you got several years of marketing experience under your belt? If so, you could be ready to move on to a marketing manager role.


Marketing management offers an opportunity to demonstrate your organisational and managerial skills, whilst working to deadlines and maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude.

The day-to-day

The day-to-day role of a marketing manager can vary by industry and specialism. However, the core tasks and areas of responsibility tend to stay the same. 

Your role will see you drive compelling campaigns, develop strong marketing strategies and design effective social media plans. 

You’ll be responsible for monitoring and analysing market trends - so get familiar with Google Analytics, Piwik and Adobe Analytics to help you stay on track with the latest marketing developments. These tools will also help you establish new marketing strategies and improve upon those already in place - something every marketing manager should become adept in.

You’ll often find yourself reporting on key successes, areas for improvement and new ideas, both to your immediate colleagues as well as those outside of your team who may not have had any involvement in your campaigns. 

Key things you'll need to be able to do:

  • Drive campaigns
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Design social media strategies
  • Analyse market trends
  • Manage budgets
  • Write briefs, proposals and copy
  • Give presentations Communicate effectively

Key skills

As a marketing manager, you will need to have excellent communication skills, not just for the purpose of managing others effectively, but equally for the smooth running of day-to-day internal communications - be it via email, telephone or face-to-face meetings, where you will be communicating potential ideas and strategies to colleagues and getting to grips with new concepts.

You need good social media skills to enable you to engage with your target audience and design new strategies to grow your relationships with them.   


You’ll have a great sense of responsibility as you plan and drive campaigns as well as manage  budgets - your organisational skills will be invaluable, as will your presentation skills. 

You’ve got to be comfortable with your writing abilities as you’ll be required to write briefs, proposals, copy and specs for clients and their audiences alike. 


The qualifications for a marketing manager can vary depending on the employer. Most will look at your experience as a marketing executive and the skills you’ve acquired over the years. Having a Higher National Diploma  or a degree in business and marketing when entering the profession can be beneficial whilst applying for job roles. Focus on acquiring and bettering your qualifications by completing some of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s numerous marketing and digital marketing courses.

Relevant experience

Experience as a marketing executive is a traditional tried and tested route to establishing a career as a marketing manager - think of it as a stepping stone, you can become a marketing manager without it, but that may be a little harder and take a bit longer. Experience in public relations, sales management or business management is also useful to have on your CV when applying for a marketing manager position. After all, recruiters and direct employers are generally more likely to be interested in your abilities, experience and industry knowledge rather than your formal qualifications. 

Experience in the budget management, project management and agency management will also help prepare you for a marketing manager role. In addition, experience in strategy development, forecasting, ROI calculations and personnel management is highly beneficial.



The average salary for a marketing manager role hovers around the £42,000 mark, with the average entry salary starting at £27,000 and those at the top of their field can earn well over £50,000 per annum.


Salary breakdown for marketing managers across the UK, March 2015

Data procured from BrandRepublic's Salary Checker


Typical Working Hours: 9am - 6pm


The working hours can be long, especially in the lead-up to launches of new campaigns, but the work can be equally enjoyable and rewarding in return. While the hours vary depending on the company and sector, and a global role may require alternative working patterns to suit international time zones, standard working hours per week for a marketing manager can range between 30 - 40 hours.

Career opportunities

The next logical step for marketing managers who enjoy what they do is to progress to a marketing director role. You might also want to consider updating your skills with the help of a few Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) courses. 

Marketing managers are in demand across a variety of industries and sectors. As an experienced marketing manager or prospective marketing manager you have a range of career opportunities at your fingertips in both the not-for-profit and private sectors, both client side and at in-house advertising agencies. Some people choose to make lateral moves either to another sector or to specialise in a particular area, rather than progressing upwards.

Your next steps:

A marketing manager’s perspective

"A few years after starting my career in marketing I completed a postgraduate professional qualification in marketing. I found it really useful and it gave my confidence a real boost. I studied marketing at university but having a few years in practice and then re-learning all of the best practice made me see my role with new eyes. It has also enabled me to approach tasks in a more strategic way."

"In the next few years I would like to take on bigger and more challenging projects. I would like to improve my management skills and produce some really exciting brand campaigns."

Richmal Roseman, Marketing Manager

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