Johnnie Walker evokes Lebanese endurance with campaign

The #KeepWalkingLebanon campaign conceptualized by Leo Burnett Beirut encourages consumers to keep their inner fire burning despite adversity

#KeepWalkingLebanon by Leo Burnett Beirut.
#KeepWalkingLebanon by Leo Burnett Beirut.

Johnnie Walker has launched the next leg of its #KeepWalkingLebanon campaign, conceptualized by Leo Burnett Beirut.

The campaign celebrates the fire within, inspiring viewers to keep it burning. Shot outdoors, it stars a flame that braves the storm. The battle between fire and water rages through day and night. The resilient fiery spirit triumphs in the end. The voice over surmises, "Storms shall always pass. But the fire inside burns on." An Arabic version is running in Lebanon.

A social-engagement leg has also gone live. People are invited to write inspirational messages about resilience in Lebanon with #keepwalkinglebanon. The brand has engaged a fire artist to draw their messages in fire. This activity, which commenced Tuesday, will run for two weeks.

Campaign credits

Brand: Johnnie Walker
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

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