Jonah Hill returns as a disgruntled spokesman for Palace Skateboards

MPC Creative promotes the brand's first US store with CGI and swearing.

MPC Creative continues its partnership with London-based Palace Skateboards in a surreal short film featuring actor Jonah Hill. The first Palace retail location outside of the UK opens in New York City on May 5th, so the new spot takes to the streets of Manhattan, where Hill and Leo Fitzpatrick of "The Wire" are stalked by a shapeshifting, polygonal creature. The self-referential spot is a sequel of sorts to a viral hit from last summer, a parody of low-budget infomercials in which an unenthusiastic Hill pitches a sneaker collaboration between Palace and Reebok ("Ree-boak"). If Hill’s complaint about being paid too little to appear in a skating commercial rings true to viewers, the actor is a longtime fan of the brand. He can rattle off highlights from skate videos, and he wore a Palace t-shirt as he introduced musical guest Future on "Saturday Night Live" last year.