Jonathan Durden launches Fresh & Dry Balls mission

Jonathan Durden, the co-founder of PHD, has launched a male grooming brand called Below the Belt, (BTB), with Geoff Percy, the former chief executive of Simple Health & Beauty.

Jonathan Durden: launches the Below the Belt brand with Geoff Percy
Jonathan Durden: launches the Below the Belt brand with Geoff Percy

BTB currently offers three main products: Sports Lubricant, which works to minimise chaffing; Fresh & Dry Balls, which is a talc-like product, and Waterless Shower, a groin cleanser.

Durden said the thought behind the products is that "men’s bodies are badly designed and it’s amazing that we don’t have products designed for them".

The products are originally being sold online through the BTB website and then will be available through online retailers and smaller stores. "We’re not going to just rush it into Boots, we need to have advocates first," said Durden.

BTB has worked with Moreish on the design and with the brand advocacy specialist Let's Go Crazy on developing advocacy, user content and social media.

Let’s Go Crazy’s three companies include Freemavens, which does the mapping work to find and active online advocates; The Physical Network, which runs 25 festivals, and Yourvine, the social technology platform that bridges between people and brands.


Durden said: "We’re not going to just do health and well-being products. We hope to be able to extend to listen to men and come up with things that solve the modern man’s dilemmas."

Alongside David Pattison and Nick Horswell, Durden founded PHD in 1990. They sold the business to Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in 1997. Since leaving PHD in 2007, Durden has worked at MCBD, MPG and

Percy, meanwhile, led the management buyout of the Simple brand from Smith and Nephew in 2000. The American cosmetics company Alberto-Culver bought the company in 2009. Alberto-Culver became part of Unilever in 2011.