Jordans Muesli rolls out TV ad for natural push

LONDON - Jordans has launched a TV campaign to highlight the natural ingredients used in its muesli range.

The ad, created by VCCP, uses a voiceover from the famous bird spotter, Bill Oddie, and focuses on the natural ingredients used in the cereal. Oddie acts as a guide in the ad, as the viewer is taken through a tour of a country scene through binocular vision.

It shows ingredients being brought to life, such as hazelnuts, pineapples and Chilean flame raisins, mimicking birds in a nature documentary.

Carol Flint, head of brand at Jordans, said, ‘Our new TV commercial features Jordans Muesli and Crunchy Oats, two ranges that we have recently redesigned to showcase the abundance of natural ingredients they contain.  This new campaign is the latest instalment in our sustained investment behind the Jordans brand.'

In 2008, VCCP assisted Jordans with relaunching its muesli range with a press and poster campaign highlighting the brand's commitment to growing all cereals in a natural way.