Jose Cuervo dishes up tequila-infused pizzas for National Margarita Day

Concept inspired by the increase in takeaway orders.

Jose Cuervo: partnered vendors will deliver the fresh pizzas
Jose Cuervo: partnered vendors will deliver the fresh pizzas

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo will be combining the flavours of a margarita cocktail with Margherita pizza to celebrate National Margarita Day on 22 February.

The concept was inspired by consumers turning to takeaways and deliveries due to the UK lockdown.

The "Margarita Margherita pizza" is made with dough fermented in Jose Cuervo tequila for over 24-hours and a tomato sauce marinated with triple sec, salt, garlic and tequila. It is topped off with parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, sea salt and lime wedges.

Deliveries also include a pizza-inspired margarita cocktail containing fresh lemon juice, basil, fresh tomatoes and tequila, finished with a garnish of cherry tomatoes and a mozzarella ball on a skewer with basil leaves.

Jose Cuervo has partnered with vendors and restaurants to freshly make and deliver the pizzas on 22 February. There is availability via pre-order in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Belfast.

Last year, for National Margarita Day the tequila brand sent "margarita riders" to make cocktails in people's homes. 

Cow PR is delivering the project.