Joshua Ogden, AKQA

Josh Ogden 23 creative, AKQA

Even in an industry that fetishises youth, you might think someone aged 23 is verging on too young to be a face to watch. But Ogden has had an auspicious start to his short career, to say the least. After studying visual communication in Bournemouth, Ogden entered D&AD’s 2013 Student Awards and won a yellow Pencil for digital design. He was also named its Student of the Year.

One of the D&AD judges, Ian Wharton, put Ogden in touch with AKQA’s founder Ajaz Ahmed, who recognised his potential and snapped up the youngster. Wharton clearly had an ulterior motive in recommending Ogden. Shortly after doing so, he joined AKQA himself as a creative director and took Ogden into his team.

"Josh is an incredible talent: relentlessly creative, professional, humble, young and enormously good-looking. So not at all irritating, then," AKQA’s chief creative officer, James Hilton, says.