Juan Cabral directs new spot for Sony

LONDON - Sony has unveiled a new online film for its sound products, created by Fallon and directed by Juan Cabral - the Argentinean creative who created the famous 'balls' spot for the electronics giant.

The campaign, entitled "soundville", marks the first directorial work from Cabral since he returned to Argentina last year.

The ad, shot in Iceland in March, saw Fallon fill the town of Seydisfjordur with hundreds of speakers, turning the small hamlet into a soundstage.

Tracks by Mum, Bob Dylan and the Guillemots, among others, were then played while the reactions of the town's residents were captured on camera.

The spot carries the new brand strapline: "Make.believe."

The online film is being hosted on the Sony website, and although there are currently no plans to run the campaign on any other media channels, the possibility of TV coverage has not been ruled out.