Jump creates ad reel ident for DCM

Jump, the Bafta-winning design company responsible for The X Factor's branding work, has created a new ident for cinema sales house, Digital Cinema Media.

The work is the seventh ident in the DCM's history. The sales house was formed in 1975 and since then has existed in various incarnations as Rank Screen Advertising (RSA), Cinema Media, Carlton Screen Advertising (CSA) and Digital Cinema Media (DCM).

The new ident launches across the UK in DCM's 1,732 2D cinema screens this evening and will herald the start and close of the ad reel in cinemas. The ident will roll out in DCM's 3D cinemas during the summer.

The new sequence moves away from the traditional ad reel by using a cube made of LED lights, which creates light formations to "mesmerise the viewer", according to DCM.

The light sources in the animated sequence are modelled on the DCM logo.

Emma Daley, marketing manager at DCM said: "The ident signifies the beginning of the cinemagoer's entertainment experience and we wanted to do this by showing off the full potential of the big screen and Dolby Surround Sound.

"The ident needed to sit comfortably next to the high end production values of the films and commercials to follow, and we feel we’ve achieved this spectacularly."

Russell Hilliard, senior designer at Jump, said: "We started to work on patterns of movement within a cube made of LED lights and immediately saw an analogy forming for us between these and the cinema screen – both being a contained space for patterns of light and a world of animation."

Jump is currently developing a stereoscopic 3D version of the sequence which will run with the final Harry Potter film, in the summer.