JWT to improve Shell's environmental image

J. Walter Thompson is set to launch the first corporate campaign

for Shell in the UK for 20 years.

The campaign will aim to combat Shell's tarnished reputation and create

an environmentally friendly image for the oil company.

The ads aim to highlight the ways that Shell is working to provide

energy, while being sensitive to cultural and environmental needs.

The campaign will have to combat Shell's damaged image after its public

relations disaster in 1995 when it planned to dump the oil platform

Brent Spar in the North Sea. The plan was aborted after being vehemently

opposed by Greenpeace and Germany's then chancellor, Helmut Kohl.

The first ad looks at the oil company's Malampaya natural gas project in

the Philippines. It describes how the company is working to make sure

that the pipeline it lays will not desecrate local burial grounds or

harm the ecosystem. The ad focuses on the efforts of a local consultant

to make sure that the pipeline's intended path will not offend local

populations and wildlife.

The ad tries to explain that not long ago it would have been impossible

for the company to work with a man such as this - but now it is

impossible for it to work without him. It ends with the strapline: "If

this is idealism, the world needs more of it."

The second execution looks at Shell's efforts to develop wind farms, and

at its Blyth offshore wind farm in particular. Again the commercial

extols the virtues of the company's mission to harness power without

affecting local communities or environments through a division called

Shell Renewables.

The ads, which break nationally next week, were written by Dave Rossiter

and art directed by Geoff Turner.

Simon Cheek directed through Spirit Films. Media is through Media