JWT targets men with press drive for new Kenco Really Dark coffee

J. Walter Thompson has launched a series of ads for Kenco that target young men.

In June, JWT unveils its press campaign in men's lifestyle titles to launch Kraft's coffee brand, Kenco Really Dark.

The press ads, which will appear in the sport sections of national newspapers and in monthly magazines including FHM and GQ, use a minimalist visual style to communicate its powerful taste.

Trevor de Silva, who wrote the ads, said: "Unusually, this coffee is targeted specially at men. Therefore we were keen to avoid some of the more traditional coffee advertising imagery. The masculine style reflects the challenging tone of the ads."


illustrates the coffee's potency by showing two stylised aluminium coffee cups, one for cappuccino, one for espresso, above a thimble labelled Kenco Really Dark.

The second ad, "gun", shows a steaming cup of black Kenco Really Dark in a way that makes the drink look like the smoking barrel of a gun. Both ads use the strapline: "Not for the faint hearted."

The executions were art directed by Paul White and written by de Silva with photography by Toby Macfarlan Pond. Media is by Zenith.

Deidre McNair, Zenith's planning director, said: "We have targeted a group of men, the slightly affluent, who have not been targeted before with instant coffee. We are using media such as newspapers and sports pages and men's lifestyle titles."