JWT unveils Tommy's infant death ads

The baby charity Tommy's has unveiled new work that uses gingerbread men to highlight the fact that one in five babies is lost before birth.

The campaign through J. Walter Thompson is designed to highlight that premature birth is the single biggest cause of baby deaths in the UK and will use cinema, posters, press, satellite TV and radio to promote this message to a wide audience.

The cinema and TV execution features the voice of Richard E Grant; he is also the voiceover on the radio executions, alongside the actress Samantha Bond. Both have donated their time free of charge, with advertising and media airtime also donated.

The spots show the ingredients and preparation of a tray of gingerbread men. When the oven door is opened, however, it becomes clear that one of the gingerbread men is not fully cooked. The oven door is then closed to give the gingerbread man more time; the strapline reads: "Please help us to do enough."

The press work takes a similar theme in two executions. One shows a piece of rolled-out gingerbread dough with the shapes cut into it, but one figure has been removed and the headline reads: "One in every five babies is lost before birth - help us find a way to cut that figure."

Jane Brewin, Tommy's chief executive, said: "Every day, hundreds of babies are born too early and one in ten will die or be left disabled. We need to fund further research because a happy ending shouldn't be a miracle."

The campaign was written by John Donnelly and art directed by Billy Mawhinney.

Media was by MindShare.