Karmarama's Buonaguidi completes marathon charity ping pong session

Dave Buonaguidi, founder and chief creative officer of ad agency Karmarama, played table tennis for 24 hours last week to raise money for Age UK.

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For 24 hours from 12pm on Thursday (15 December) to 12pm on Friday (16 December) Buonaguidi worked his way through 72 opponents, including TV personality and dancer Lionel Blair.

The sponsored ping pong event was held in support of Age UK (the charity formed through the combination of Age Concern and Help the Aged) which is helping the elderly stay warm over the winter.

The longest rally during the 24 hours was 1,500 consecutive shots over 45 minutes with planner Jono Holt.

Two years ago Buonaguidi raised more than £2000 for charity by eating more than 2000 sprouts but a spokesman said although that was great for charity his family and work colleagues disowned him and he needed a new bum.

For more details and to donate go to pingpong24.com.