Kaspersky opens talks with ad agencies

Kaspersky, the anti-virus software manufacturer, is conducting a review of its international ad account.

Kaspersky: searching for an ad agency
Kaspersky: searching for an ad agency

The company is currently deciding on a shortlist of advertising agencies to pitch for the business in a process
handled by the intermediary The Observatory.

M&C Saatchi, the global incumbent on the brand, is not repitching for the account.

Recent Kaspersky activity has used the martial arts star Jackie Chan as its brand spokesman. In one global spot, Chan explores a virtual world wearing a helmet with the Kaspersky logo on it.

Another global ad, which launched last year, depicted Chan surfing a treacherous wave, only to be saved by his Kaspersky-emblazoned surf board.

Founded in 1997, the company’s home-user products include internet security, anti-virus and mobile security.

Kaspersky’s headquarters are in Moscow, with regional offices in markets including the UK, the US, India and Germany.