Kastner & Partners creates new animated Red Bull commercials

The soft drink brand Red Bull is unveiling a new series of animated TV commercials through Kastner & Partners continuing the theme that Red Bull gives you wings.

The three 30-second executions break this week and will run until the beginning of December. They will appear on major terrestrial and satellite stations including ITV, Channel 4, five, Sky and the Sci-Fi channel.

In the first ad, called "St Peter", we see the saint moaning about the possibility of being surplus to requirements after several thousand years guarding the gates of heaven.

He is surrounded by winged characters drinking cans of Red Bull and entering heaven at will. The endline reads: "Red Bull gives you wiiings."

In "formation flight", a group of birds performs a low-flying swoop to tease cats on the ground. But their taunts backfire when the cats drink Red Bull and take to the skies. The birds are forced to seek shelter in a bird house where one of them says: "Life got a lot tougher since Red Bull started giving everyone wings."

Finally, in "Pamplona" the roles of bull-chasing are reversed thanks to Red Bull, and the matadors are able to get their own back with the help of wings.

Thomas Grabner, the managing director of Kastner & Partners in London, said: "We believe in continuity. And we like to make fun commercials that fit in with the brand's character."

Media planning and buying is through AMS. The target audience is 15- to 29-year-old men and women.

The animation for the campaign was produced by Kastner & Partners in Budapest.