Katie Price is most searched for living celeb in 2009

LONDON - She may be mostly famous for being famous, but Katie Price was the most searched-for living celebrity in 2009 according to Yahoo! and the eighth most common search term overall.

Price, whose divorce from Peter Andre kept her in the headlines this year, beat Geordie reality show winner Cheryl Cole to be the living celebrity most searched for by Britons via Yahoo! in 2009.

The survey proved the old piece of showbiz wisdom about dying being a good career move. The most searched for celebrities overall were Michael Jackson, who passed away in June, followed by Jade Goody, who lost her battle with cancer in March.

The top 10 search terms also provide an insight in to what subjects were obsessing the nation this year, with recession-hit internet users making 'job centre' the third most searched for term with 'swine flu' coming in at number seven on the list.

Nonetheless, you can't stop a TV-obsessed nation from obsessing. The top two terms went to reality television shows, with 'Big Brother' the most searched for term overall, followed by 'X Factor', even though it only returned to TV in August.

Yahoo!'s Top 10 Overall Searches 2009

  1. Big Brother
  2. X Factor
  3. Job centre
  4. Michael Jackson
  5. Jade Goody
  6. Premier League
  7. Swine Flu
  8. Katie Price
  9. Cheryl Cole
  10. Train Times

(Source:Yahoo! Search Data)