Katy Perry stars as relentlessly cheerful Christmas fairy for H&M

H&M has unveiled its 'Makers of Happy and Merry' Christmas campaign, starring Katy Perry as a glittery sugar plum fairy in a world of giant, wheeling gingerbread men and whirling tin soldiers.

H&M: Christmas campaign features a jolly Katy Perry
H&M: Christmas campaign features a jolly Katy Perry

The ad is unashamedly buoyant and is soundtracked by a new, upbeat single from Perry called 'Every Day is a Holiday'.

Perry dances her way through a Nutcracker-style cast of Christmas characters, including life-size candy sticks, over-sized gifts, baubles and elves, all variously kitted out in H&M's dedicated Happy and Merry range.

Perry also gets a topless love interest, as well as a crop of suitably ethnically diverse kids popping up through the ad.

Perry, in a behind-the-scenes video, describes the campaign as "very me" and "very jolly".