Kawasaki chooses Publicis for advertising assignment

Kawasaki Europe has handed Publicis its pan-European advertising business.

The review, which was run by the company's European head office in The Netherlands, was sparked by Kawasaki's desire to develop a consistent brand strategy across Europe.

Kawasaki has traditionally used a range of agencies across its European operations, which include a presence in France, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands.

The pitch process was handled by Kawasaki's European marketing manager, Jan Willem van der Straten, who originally approached a mixture of five UK and European agencies late last year.

The account will be led by Publicis' Dutch office, with local offices involved in adapting creative work.

Publicis' core task will be to promote Kawasaki's range of sport and trail bikes.

The brand's main competitors in the motorbike market are the Japanese companies Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

The Middlesex agency Orchard has handled the UK account, consisting mainly of press ads, since 1999.

Publicis' appointment comes after a restructure of Kawasaki's business units that saw the creation of a head office in The Netherlands to co-ordinate pan-European business and marketing operations.