Kelly Osbourne turns it up for latest Doritos campaign

LONDON - Kelly Osbourne is to star in a new campaign for Doritos, which imitates some of the scenes of neighbourly conflict that featured in the reality TV show that made her a star.

The ads will feature Kelly blasting out songs from her new album, mirroring scenes in MTV's reality television programme 'The Osbournes', where Kelly's mother Sharon Osbourne was shown hurling abuse and a ham at neighbours who were playing loud music.

There are two different executions, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, breaking across the UK on March 17 in support of the relaunch of small bags of Doritos, as well as a new flavour.

The first ad will show Kelly and her band listening to her new single 'Come Dig Me Out' in a flat, while the gang of friends who appear in previous Doritos ads are trying to relax downstairs.

Eventually they get so irritated that one of the friends is sent upstairs to complain, when he comes face-to-face with Kelly -- famous for confrontational attitude and fruity language.

In a second execution, a sequel to the first, two of the gang have been invited into the flat and are desperately trying to fit in with the cool singer and her bandmates while listening to Kelly's current single, which is ironically called 'Shut Up'.

Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to the commercial world since being propelled to global fame on the back of 'The Osbournes'. She has already appeared, alongside her plump brother Jack, father Ozzy and Florence Henderson, better known as Carole Brady, in a spot for Pepsi Twist. The ad exploited Kelly and Jack's penchant for bickering and swearing, showing Ozzy having a nightmare where his kids have transformed into wholesome Donnie and Marie Osmond.

Besides receiving an undisclosed fee for the endorsement, Kelly is also a fan of the brand. She said: "It's fantastic to be involved with a big brand like Doritos because I've enjoyed eating them since I was a kid. I immediately wanted to do the commercials after I read their script ideas where I would get to perform my songs... and munch on Doritos. All I can say is, it doesn't get much better than that."

The campaign is part of the "Friendchips" series of ads, running over the last two years and promoting bigger packets of Doritos and dips.

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