Kendall Tarrant and Garden staff up

Two of the industry's specialist recruitment agencies spent the latter half of 2006 increasing their staffing levels, largely by raiding ad agencies.

Kendall Tarrant has hired eight new consultants over the past six months, including St Luke's Holly Day and the digital specialists Rae Noott from glue London and Modem Media's Andrew Wardlaw.

The rival headhunter, The Garden Partnership, has doubled in size to six staff, with new recruits including Tribal DDB's Ebba Bazeley and Janet Tweedie from Nabs.

Gary Stolkin, the chairman of Kendall Tarrant, said the growth was in part attributable to increased demand for agency staff with hybrid skills in digital, direct marketing and above-the-line communications. He added: "It's a sign communications agencies are more focused on talent, that they realise there's a relationship between the quality of their people and the success of their business."

In March 2005, Kendall Tarrant merged with Stolkin + Partners. The merged entity controls about 85 per cent of creative recruitment.

The merger left the way clear for a challenger brand - a role The Garden Partnership is trying to fill. Garden Partnership's co-founder Mark Rapley said: "When we started, Kendall Tarrant was the long-established agency, the boutique alternative was Gary Stolkin."