Kettle Chips calls advertising review

LONDON - Kettle Foods is looking for an advertising agency for its premium crisps brand, Kettle Chips.

Kettle Chips...looking for an ad agency
Kettle Chips...looking for an ad agency

The crisp-maker has shortlisted Dye Holloway Murray, Isobel and one other undisclosed agency to compete for the business.

Andrew Slamin, the Kettle Foods marketing director, who was appointed in September last year, is leading ?the pitch process.

Kettle Chips launched its first TV advertising campaign in October 2007 with a spot that featured members of the public sampling and endorsing its crisps, which are made using all-natural ingredients.

That campaign was by First Independent, which worked for Kettle on a project basis.

It is thought the company now wants a more brand-focused campaign to help it face increasing competition from rival all-natural snack brands.

In January this year, Kettle's incumbent PR agency, Phipps PR, announced that it was looking to move the crisp brand, which has been seen as a "special-occasion" line of crisps, into an "everyday crisp" category, with the launch of its smaller-sized crisp packets.

This followed the company's "People's Choice" initiative, which invites consumers to vote for and suggest flavour combinations such as Spicy Thai and Cheddar Beer.

Kettle Foods is the market leader in the US and the UK for organic crisps. It employs 700 people.

The company, originally founded in Oregon in 1978, was acquired by the British private equity company Lion Capital LLP in 2006.