KFC 'daily chicken' ad escapes ban

LONDON - A TV ad which claimed KFC's chicken was delivered fresh to each store daily has dodged a ban by the Advertising Standards Authority after viewers objected it was misleading.

Nine viewers considered the ad, by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, implied that the chicken was delivered daily and therefore felt the on-screen text, stating: "Minimum 3 deliveries a week", was contradictory.

KFC cited an earlier ASA adjudication on the ad, which concluded the ad gave viewers a misleading impression of the frequency of deliveries. It said that as a result it had added the on-screen text, but made no other changes.

The advertiser argued the ad’s message related to freshly prepared chicken on the bone, not to the frequency of deliveries.

It did not feel the on-screen text contradicted anything that was stated in the ad.

Clearcast said the text appeared at the same time as the voiceover stated: "Fresh, on-the-bone chicken, every store, every day".

It believed viewers would understand that every KFC store could provide freshly prepared chicken, not frozen, on a daily basis.

The ASA noted that without the on-screen text, this claim might be seen to imply the availability of fresh chicken every day, particularly in conjunction with came in fresh this morning.

However, it considered the addition of the on-screen text made clear the intended meaning thus viewers would not be misled as to the frequency of deliveries.

It deemed no further action was necessary.