KFC dancing spot banned for 'unsafe practice'

Ten-second ad showed woman dancing on a rooftop.

A 10-second KFC TV ad showing a woman dancing on a rooftop has been banned for encouraging "unsafe practice" by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The spot, created by Mother, uses the song X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX. A complainant questioned whether the spot encourages unsafe practice. KFC explained that the intention of the ad was to "capture the carefree spirit" associated with its foo, and that the choreography would not be "easily emulated by viewers".

The ASA ruling said the camera angles made it look like the woman was dancing on the edge of a rooftop – something that may appeal to young people "as an act of dexterity and daring that they could emulate".

As a result, the ad watchdog banned the spot and asked KFC to ensure it does not condone or encourage unsafe practice in its marketing.