KFC and Deliveroo dish out burgers from 10ft gift box

Deliveroo drivers will be handing out festive-themed burgers.

KFC: Deliveroo riders will hand out free burgers
KFC: Deliveroo riders will hand out free burgers

KFC and Deliveroo are installing a 10-feet gift box on London's South Bank to dish out KFC’s festive burger.

The giant gift box comes equipped with hatches to house the burgers and has been wrapped in more than 500 square feet of sustainably sourced and recyclable KFC wrapping paper.

The burger that will be given out for free by Deliveroo riders contains chicken fillet, hash brown, sage and onion stuffing, mayonnaise, cranberry dressing and cheese.

Joe Groves, head of consumer communications at Deliveroo, said: "Deliveroo is a bit Christmas mad, so when KFC came to us with this exclusive new menu item, we knew it deserved something ridiculously festive to launch it to the great British public – and what says Christmas more than the gift of giving?"

Kreate is delivering the project, which takes place today (28 November).