KFC opens fried chicken-themed hotel pop-up 'House of Harland'

The hotel features chicken decor and KFC concierge service.

KFC: hotel named after The Colonel
KFC: hotel named after The Colonel

KFC is opening a fried chicken-themed hotel pop-up in Shoreditch.

Called "The House of Harland", the hotel is named after KFC founder and brand mascot Colonel Sanders, who was born Harland David Sanders.

Open for 11 nights from 18 August, the pop-up has been designed to cater to KFC fans and celebrates the 11 herbs and spices used in its recipes.

There will be chicken decor, "chick-flicks" in the cinema room, a KFC "Hot Winger" arcade machine, a "press for chicken" concierge service and botanics-infused self-care essentials.

Guests will be picked up from London's King's Cross station in a black cadillac called the "Colonelmobile" and escorted to the hotel. On arrival, a "Chick-in clerk" will make visitors feel like fried-chicken royalty before they enter room number 11.

The suite can host two adults and is available to book on Hotels.com from 11am on 11 August for £111 per night. Six stays are available. Proceeds will be donated to The KFC Foundation.

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