KFC Russia "Bucket hat" by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

Colonel Sanders gets a wardrobe upgrade in KFC Russia's campaign.

As part of a regional rebranding, KFC Russia teamed up with St. Petersburg-based streetwear brand Mam Cupy to create a finger-lickin’ bucket hat. Sounding vaguely like a Jaden Smith tweet, the spot ponders, "If it’s a hat, how can it be a bucket?" as fashionable Gen-Z models sport their headwear around an edgy industrial site. The trendy bucket hat has already featured in Russian band RSAC’s latest music video, and fashionistas can pick up their own flavourful headpiece for 1800 RUB (around £21.50) from the fashion brand's website.

The work was written by Dasha Ovechkina, art directed by Mariano Garcia Cruz and directed by Arthur Couvat.


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